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D6 Workshops

D6 offers student and staff facing workshops that are dynamic, high energy, and project based. Our workshops are designed with an even blend of mindfulness, education, creativity, and social emotional learning. We look forward to building with your learning community!

My Vision on Board

Staff Facing & Student Facing (Middle - High school)

Participants set their intentions and design their future through this creatively dynamic workshop. 

What About Tomorrow

Student Facing (Elementary -High School)

Participants explore colleges, trade programs, careers, and set goals. Single Day or 8 Series Workshop offered.

Quiz -n- Paint

Staff  Facing & Student Facing (Middle - High school)

Participants engage in a theme based painting activity, while answering trivia questions around academic subjects. This workshop includes prizes and giveaways!

The City is Mine

Student Facing (Middle - High school)

Participants build a 3D replica of their own city, complete with their own governing laws. Only offered as an 8 week series.

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