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Darren6 LLC. (D6) was founded in 2018 by Artist and Educator Will Dulin, with the vision to use cultural arts and education enrichment as a creative, accessible tool to build communities by informing individuals and groups through art and uniquely tailored experiences. D6 provides an array of services, including educational and enrichment workshops, special events, graphic design services and fine art sales. Each and every experience

is tailored to enrich and promote excellence.

D6 Mission Statement:

To enlighten individuals, communities and organizations through services and experiences in the areas of art, education, culture, and wellness.

D6 Vision Statement:

Through engagement with D6, individuals, communities and organizations will work together to design a unique and personalized environment to unlock and enhance potential, perpetuate a positive growth mind set and a progressive lifestyle.

D6 Values: Service | Experience | Art | Education | Culture | Wellness



Darren6, LLC.

Will Dulin, Founder

Call/text 347.223.1190


"Dedicated to my brother and friend, Darren. Sleep well."

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